What Are The Best Chiffon Pants For Men And Where To Buy One

chiffon pants for men

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What Are the Best Chiffon Pants for Men?

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Men and fashion have an interesting history. While a great deal of variety exists in women’s fashion, finding a wide array of options for men can be more difficult.

Fashion revolves around women, while it serves as a very practical necessity for the opposite sex.

What if you want to dress up in something a little more unique? What if you are a male and want to break outside of the expected societal norm?

One way to do this is to don chiffon pants. This article is going to dive into exactly what chiffon pants are, where you can find them, and what pants are your best options when you are considering dressing outside of the box.

What Are Chiffon Pants?


Chiffon is a type of material, usually made to look sheer or see-through, that derived its name from its history in France.

The word Chiffon actually means cloth in French. It was made with silk until the late 1900s when nylon was invented. Now it is made cheaply with primarily synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester.

It is a very slippery, lightweight and flowing material that is used to make dresses and scarves.

The material is essentially a very delicate mesh, which means taking care of it requires gentle care. It is recommended that you only hand wash this material, so don’t expect a piece of clothing that is easy to maintain when purchasing a pair of chiffon pants.

It has been used historically as an addition to evening wear and lingerie. It gives the article of clothing a more elegant appearance as it tends to flow effortlessly, while its see-through appearance accentuates sexuality.

Due to its inherent elegance, it has been a feature prominent in women’s fashion.

This doesn’t mean that it isn’t used in any men’s apparel, however. Although chiffon pants designed for men are difficult to find, they are out there.

Who Will Want Chiffon Pants?

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There are multiple individuals in a variety of instances that might want to invest in chiffon pants.

For instance, they are a fantastic addition to any costume you might be planning. (If you are looking for chiffon pants as a part of your formal office wear, you might want to start looking somewhere else. They are not suit material.)

Chiffon pants are common options for those looking to whip together an amazing costume at the next music festival they may be attending, or for any costume related event.

They can be either wide-legged or harem shaped. If they are harem shaped, then they traditionally bellow out at the waste and thighs and then slim down at the ankles. Think of Aladdin when you think of harem.

Because a majority of the clientele is looking to buy these pants for costume purposes, their colors and patterns can be rather extravagant.

There are other instances in which you might need a pair of chiffon pants. If you want to just make a unique fashion appearance that is also comfortable, buying these might be a wonderful option.

Men’s fashion often makes pants a little too tight for comfort, especially with the most recent trend.

Buying a pair of billowing chiffon pants would give you some sweet relief from the now unfortunate trend of tight is better.

Last but not least, if you are looking for comfortable work out pants for yoga or any other steady, slow exercise, then chiffon pants are a fantastic option.

So, if you want to break the mold or are looking for easy exercise pants, here are some online vendors you can check out.

Where to Find Chiffon Pants

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You have to scour the never-ending channels of the internet in order to discover any sort of retailor for men’s chiffon pants.

A majority of Google search results will give you a nearly endless array of chiffon pants made and designed for women.

This has a lot to do with the material’s history as a flowing, beautiful addition to formal evening or intimate wear.

In Indian culture, it is actually used as the foundation for the women’s Sari. It rests beautifully on the body and is the perfect lightweight material for the famous colorful traditional wear.

So, as a male looking for these type of pants, you are going to run into a few more roadblocks than your female counterpart.

Best Website for Male Chiffon Attire is Etsy


Instead of using the traditional Google platform to find what you are looking for, try something a little different and turn to Etsy instead.

Etsy is a global, online platform that puts browsers in direct contact with the producer. A lot of these producers could be smaller shops that are run by a single person.

Others could be large retailors seeking to get their product more exposure on the world wide web.

All in all, this is the best place to discover chiffon pants made for men. All you have to do is type in the keyword into the search box on Etsy, which in this case is chiffon pants, and sift through the results.

Using Google as your primary search engine requires you to sift through hundreds of pages in order to find a site that might have something similar to what you are looking for.

In most cases, the results Google gives you are rather misleading, and will end up taking you to either female lingerie or formal fashion.

SHOPMORPHEW store on Etsy has a few options for men looking to buy chiffon pants that are sewn in the harem pants style.

These can be rather expensive, however, so checking out other store options on Etsy is a good idea.

Once such option is the Glorka shop. This place specializes in creating harem style pants for costumes worn at music festivals. These music festivals can be either burning man or electric forest, two large, costume-oriented events where chiffon pants are quite common.

Other Outlets You Can Use

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If you can’t find what you are looking for via Etsy, try going to your local crafts shop or clothing store to see what they might have.

The beautiful thing about wide-leg chiffon pants is that a majority of them are unisex. Even though they are not designated as official male clothing, they can attractively fit either a male or a female.

The same might apply for harem styled chiffon pants. Because the material results in such an open, flowing and baggy piece of clothing, it is easy for both sexes to rock the same thing.

So, head to your local thrift store or perhaps talk to someone in a local craft store about where you can find some unique chiffon pants tailored specifically for men.

Finding the exact results you want online is going to be incredibly difficult due in part to societal norms and fashion history, so find a direct way to work around the rather overwhelming pool of information that is the internet.

Overall a Difficult Purchase


This is, overall, a difficult article of clothing to find. Expectations in fashion are determined by gender and its role in society.

For decades women donned chiffon in order to make them appear more elegant or to enhance their sexuality.

Fashion has rarely been used for men in this way, so finding a pair of practical pants for costume, exercise, or everyday purposes is going to be difficult, as the material’s purpose goes against what men’s fashion is designed for.

This is an interesting conundrum to be in. As gender fluidity evolves and traditional social constructs are broken, it will be fascinating to see how the fashion industry changes.

As each gender’s role in society evolves and we become more equal, perhaps our fashion will begin to merge and look the same.

Perhaps, finding beautiful, flowing chiffon pants for men will be as easy as putting your search request into google and finding your result on the very first page. Perhaps, chiffon will be one the most popular materials for men fashion.

All in all, we hoped this guide helped you in your quest to find a rare pair of chiffon pants designed specifically for men.

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