Where To Find The Best Chenille Jogger Pants For Men

Chenille Jogger Pants

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With so many fashion clothing brands out there, finding the best chenille jogger pants for men who want to show off a little fashion awareness will be tough without some guidance.

Men of all ages are becoming more and more comfortable with making fashion a vital part of the choices they make when purchasing items for work and in everyday life.

Men’s fashion is a booming business driven by the growing popularity of business casual work environments.

Men’s Fashion Enters the Workplace


Back in the day, professional men wore either a blue or grey suit to work. The choice was that simple. At home, they picked the most comfortable item out of the closet and wore it until the seems pulled apart.

As the size of companies grew, and middle management exploded into a labyrinth of cubicles, the demand for inexpensive, off-the-shelf business attire made way for places like Mens’ Warehouse and buy one, get one free deal at department stores.

Today, companies encourage their employees to express their personalities through style. Consequently, how you dress at work can affect your success at the office. This has had a significant impact on men’s fashion.

Because a casual, yet fashionable, work environment has made guys much more aware of trends, that awareness has carried over into all aspects of their wardrobe.

If you are looking to upgrade your casual work attire, or want to appear more in-tune with famous fashion brands, consider adding chenille items to your everyday wardrobe.

What is Chenille?


Chenille is French for a caterpillar.

Initially, chenille yarn had a fizzy, tufted appearance that resembled the fur of a caterpillar.

Those familiar with the historical origins of fabric believe that chenille is a comparatively recent invention. It dates back to 18th century France.

Textile historians say that the original technique of producing chenille involved weaving a light, airy fabric known as Leno. Then, the Leno was cut into strips that created the tufted yarn.

Chenille was widely used in home decors such as pillows, drapes, bedspreads, and carpet.

It wasn’t until the 1970s with advances in commercial fabric production that chenille becomes commonly used by fashion designers and clothing manufacturers. It was somewhat the disco of fabrics and faded in popularity in much the same way.

Much like disco, it was too shiny and fussy.

Along with the retro-chic trends of the 1990’s, chenille made a respectable return at that time. Any nineties kid will recall the shimmery, velvety sweaters they wore during the cold months.

However, the fabric went into hibernation until recently.

Two Robots from France Win a Grammy 

After its popularity in the 1990’s, chenille went into hibernation once again.

Today, Chenille is back, and in a big way.

Fashion designers are taking a second look at the jogger pant. You could argue that two robots from France are tangentially responsible.

Daft Punk, the French techno-music duo who performed as robots from outer space, won Album of the Year at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. The album, Random Access Memories, is easily categorized as a pure disco album straight from the 1970s.

So, it was inevitable that the fabric that went hand in hand with the Electric Slid and the Hustle would make a comeback as well.

And it did.

During the autumn and winter of 2017 and 2018, Ferragamo, Jason Wu, Peter Pilotto and Rosetta Getty all featured collections that were created with chenille.

Chenille is back in business.

Jogger Pants Make a Trendy Comeback

jogger pants

Jogger pants are no longer just something you quickly throw on when the pizza guy shows up.  They are becoming a fashion statement.

Top designers like Gucci, Versace, and Max Mara are all getting in on the trend with their own designs.

It is no surprise that the chenille jogger is now fashionable once again.

Versace Chenille Active Wear


The late Gianni Versace founded his Italian design house in 1978. Since then, this brand continued to define glamour throughout the world. Versace has taken chenille back to its 70’s roots with these inspired activewear trousers and jogger pants.

GG Logo-Print Chenille Track Pants

These put-on style lounge pants from Versace are so glamorous you could wear them out to dinner with a jacket.  Maybe not? Features a drawstring waistband, relaxed legs with gathered cuffs at the ankles. Embroidered Medusa head at the back. Available for $$$ at Neiman Marcus.

Chenille Lounge Pants from Versace

Another high-end product in this activewear line from Versace is the three pocketed, mid-rise lounge pant. It features a wide-leg, and a tonal logo embroidered at the back. There is a drawstring at the elastic waistband. Available from Versace for $$ which is a 50% discount.

Gucci Joggers


When it comes to names that are synonymous with luxury and craftsmanship, the Gucci brand is at the apex. Although Gucci was founded towards the end of the 19th century, the company continues to define modern luxury.

When you wear Gucci, you make a statement.

GG Chenille Logo Track Pants

These pull-on style jogging pants from Gucci will definitely make a statement. The “orange milk” GG-logo print is unmistakable against the dark blue fabric. The design features trendy striped outseam and cuffs.

If the look does not say that you relax in luxury, then the price tag of $1480.00 will. The upside is that if you purchase them at Sax Fith Avenue, you get nearly three thousand points.

ASOS Clothing Brand: Fashion Under $50


For most stylish men who aren’t planning on attending the VMAs anytime soon, laying out big bucks for casual wear — no matter how fashion forward — is not a good idea.

That’s why we want to bring your attention to the ASOS brand.

ASOS is all about promoting healthy a body image and self-expression. They are always defying stereotypes when it comes to developing their clothing line.

If you visit the ASOS website, the first thing that stands out is the truly diverse selection of models that they use to encourage ASOS products. They do not photoshop their models. They proudly leave their photographs unaltered and adhere to a Model Welfare Policy.

If you are politically progressive, you will really get into this brand and their company culture. ASOS has recently partnered with GLAAD on a gender-neutral collection to “unite in accelerating acceptance.”

ASOS Knitted Two-piece Chenille Joggers with Stripe In Burgundy

You will project confidence and individual style in this two-piece Chenille Jogger. If you like mixing textures and the feel of velvet, this is going to be your go-to pants for all come-as-you-are invites.

Design features:

  • Drawstring waistband
  • Functional pockets
  • Contrast side stripe
  • Tipped, fitted trims

And the best part?

These trendy pants from ASOS are less than $$. You might as well throw in another $$ for the matching track jacket and complete the look.

Max Mara Haute Couture


After Achille Maramotti graduated law school in 1951, he made a choice to dedicate his life to haute couture. It wasn’t a completely random decision. His great-grandmother was Marina Rinaldi. Rinaldi operated a fashion house in the late nineteenth century.

However, Achille’s vision to produce high-quality, manufactured women’s clothing in Italy was somewhat out of character for the region. Fashion in Italy was, for the most part, an exclusively hand-crafted industry.

Since that time, Max Mara has spawned thirty-five brands including Weekend, Sportman, Max & Co, and Marella.

Chenille Trousers from Max Mara

These chenille jogging bottoms from Max Mara are simple, clean, and stylish. They are made of a cotton chenille jersey. They have slant side pockets and an elasticated waistband. The waistband has a drawstring.

These jogging bottoms come in tobacco or wine and are available at Max Mara for $$.

Brooklyn Clothing Company and the Upscale Jogger

We really like the line of joggers offered up by the Brooklyn Clothing Company. All of their menswear is inspired by the East Coast skate culture.

Their designers have struck the perfect balance between casual and distinguished. This is a style taken straight from the A train back to Brooklyn.

Hype Chenille Jogging Pants

If you work in a creative agency of any kind, these excellent joggers are stylish enough for work and play. You will confidently sport the patchwork trend with these camo men’s chenille jogger pants.

The “Hype” chenille patchwork on the leg, elastic waistband with drawcord are smart and fashionable. They look great with a pair of designer skate shoes.

These joggers are machine washable and retail for under $.

The Chenille Story Continues

The great thing about chenille is how the texture and sheen feed the attitude. It’s truly reminiscent of the disco era.

Not only has chenille resurfaced as a popular fabric with designers, but it is also being used to make a wide range of styles.

Although we have focused on joggers and track pants, chenille sweaters and jackets are showing up in trendy locations as well.

The reasons are clear.

Chenille is a highly versatile fabric that is soft to the touch and very durable

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