Hollister Jeans Vs. Buckle Jeans

Hollister jeans vs Buckle Jeans

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Finding the perfect pair of jeans can make or break an outfit.

Jeans are great because they’re easy to grab and go. There are so many options though, it can be hard to know how to pick the right pair. There’s finding the right size, style, washes, and of course your budget.

With so many retailers offering so many different jeans, this article will focus on two companies, Hollister and Buckle.

More About Hollister

This is a brand that’s more associated with teenagers and was popular from the company’s inception in 2000.

You couldn’t go very far without seeing someone in a bright colored sweatshirt with the Hollister name sewn into it. Having the name meant something, it brought on the aura of being a cool kid.

Pros for Hollister

1. Physical Stores Available

A great perk of Hollister is that they have physical stores everywhere. This makes it easy for you if you’d rather try on your jeans in person, rather than doing it online. Because they have so many stores, the convenience of having one near you makes the whole process easier.

2. The Variety of Options

Hollister offers a variety of styles for jeans. They have ripped jeans, skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, and everything in between. They have a variety of rises; they range from low to high rise. They also offer black ripped jeans, which is a must for any teenager.

Cons for Hollister

1. The Price of the Jeans

These jeans can range anywhere from 25 dollars all the way to 60 dollars. Depending on your budget, these may be too costly for you.

They do have sales often, so if you play your cards right, you’ll be able to snag a deal.

2. The Lack of Certain Types of Jeans

While they offer a variety of jeans, they’re all in the skinny jean range. If you’re not interested in skinny jeans, then you’ll be out of luck. The widest leg is boot cut for this store.

They could stand to add a little more variety to their lineup.

3. The Small Range in Sizes

They advertise having a range of 00 through 15 and while that’s a great start, the average size for an American woman is size 12.

With there being a variety of body types and sizes over 15, their range is restrictive for many women.

Also, many women find the sizing confusing. They claim that Hollister does not run true to average sizes of other stores. Often many women have to go up a size. They really need to offer more variety to be an inclusive brand.

More About Buckle

Originally this store started out as Mills Clothing in Nebraska in 1948. In 1967, a second store opened under the name Brass Buckle. In 1977, women’s clothes were added, and the first mall-based location opened. In 1991, the name of the brand was shortened from Brass Buckle to Buckle.

While Hollister seems to cater more to teenagers, Buckle caters to adults looking for good jeans to buy.

Pros for Buckle

1. Physical Stores Available

While not having as many stores as Hollister, Buckle boasts of having over 450 stores in 44 states. If you’re lucky enough, there is one near you that you can go to. Sometimes it’s easier trying jeans on in a store than ordering them online and hoping for the best.

2. A Good Variety of Styles

This store offers a variety of styles and washes to choose from. They have skinny, boot cut, and flare. The washes range from light to dark, and they have black and white jeans to choose from as well.

3. A Variety of Fits

This store offers different styles of fits that embrace more body types. They have the slim fit and the curvy fit options on many of their jeans. This gives people of all body types more options for both men and women.

Cons for Buckle

1. The Hight Prices

This is an extremely pricy store with prices starting from 50 dollars to over 150 dollars. This makes it difficult for a large range of the population to be able to buy these jeans. They’re of good quality, of course, but it can be hard to justify buying them.

2. Small Size Range

While offering two different fits, the size range leaves something to be desired. With a range of only 1 through 13, it’s again leaving out a good amount of the American population.

Final Thoughts

Both stores have good and bad aspects to them, it’s all about what you are looking for.

If you’re looking for jeans that will last a while and are willing to pay more, you should go with Buckle. If you’re looking more for a cheaper alternative that has a flare of cool, then you should go with Hollister.


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