Secret Circus Jeans: The Jeans that Cost a Fortune

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If you pay any attention to fashion news, then you’ve probably heard of Secret Circus jeans. Just in case you haven’t, this is a brandsof jeans that recently attracted some major attention. The reason it got so much attention is because, well, these are some of the most expensive jeans known to man.

These jeans reportedly cost around 1.3 million dollars, in large part because the back pockets are crusted in diamonds. While these are probably the most expensive jeans you’ve ever heard of, there are other expensive jeans brands out there. In fact, read below to learn about some of the most expensive mens jeans and women’s jeans.

Roberto Cavalli Jeans Top the Price Charts

Roberto Cavalli JeansIf you wouldn’t mind dropping $1,200 on a pair of jeans, then Roberto Cavalli jeans are for you.

These jeans are crafted by the famed Italian fashion designer of the same name. And, while they may be a little expensive with most ranging around $1,200 as mentioned above, they are known for being very well-made.

Roberto Cavalli jeans are typically high-quality and very “cutting edge” in terms of style. Of course, that’s still a pretty hefty price tag for jeans, but many are willing to pay it.

Gucci Brand Jeans are Known the World Over

Another pricey jeans brand is Gucci. This is a very famous brand, one that most people have heard of. Many people, however, don’t know quite how expensive Gucci jeans are. They are typically priced, believe it or not, at $3000 and up.

Gucci charges these high price tags because it is always using new and innovative design and manufacturing techniques and always stays on top of what’s “in” in fashion.

That’s still an awful lot of money to pay for jeans, but it’s well worth it to some people.

Escada Jeans are Even More Pricey

Escada jeansIf you found our last two jeans brands to be expensive, then you’ll flip over the $10,000 and up price found on most jeans made by Escada.

This brand is one of the highest quality brands you can find, and it typically delivers very fashionable clothing that can last for many years. However, for most, that price tag is still pretty hard to wrap their head (or their wallet) around.

Handle Expensive Jeans with Care

Everyone has different ideas of what “expensive” means. To some, a pair of jeans for $1000 or under might be a bargain. Others might think jeans priced at $50 or $100 are way out of their budget.

Only you can decide what you feel is a fair price for jeans. Whatever you decide, stick to your guns. There is never a good reason so spend more than you feel comfortable spending.

And, if you do buy jeans that you consider “expensive,” then be sure to take good care of them. Treating jeans, expensive or not, properly will help you to get a lot of wear and enjoyment out of them…and maybe even allow you to get your money’s worth.

Try the Oven Trick If You’re Feeling Brave

One of the first “rules” for keeping your expensive jeans looking great is washing them as little as possible.

Contrary to what you may have heard, jeans do not need to be washed very regularly. They are strong and thick, and it takes a while for them to really get dirty. For that reason, you can avoid the washing machine and the fading and stretching it often brings, by spot cleaning your jeans and being careful not to spill or stain when you wear them.

Of course, if your jeans develop an odor or some other issue, you could always try the oven trick too. This one isn’t for the faint of heart, though, because it does involve sticking your jeans in your oven.

To try the trick, turn your oven up to 300 degrees, fold your jeans neatly, and place them on the upper oven rack for about an hour. This is a great way to restore shape and elasticity and to “cook off” any grime.

If that sounds too scary to you, then you can put your jeans in a plastic bag and stick them in the freezer overnight. This method may take a little longer, but it has about the same results.

As you can see, jeans range greatly in price, and everyone has a different opinion on what is “too expensive” versus what is a fair asking price. Do and buy what is right for you, and then treat your jeans with care.

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