Three Reasons to Give Straight Leg Jeans a Try

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Fashion is a pretty fickle beast, but somehow, jeans have remained an integral part of it for decades. It seems like a good pair of jeans will never go out of style, even as the style of the jeans evolves and changes.

Skinny jeans have reigned supreme for a number of years, and you have to admit, you’re getting a little tired of them.

After all, skinny jeans have become so popular and mainstream, that you no longer stand out wearing them. You don’t look fashion forward anymore. You look stuck. It’s time to change up the way you wear jeans. It’s time to give straight leg jeans a chance.

Three Reasons to Switch to Straight Leg Jeans

You might be wondering just what difference there is between straight leg jeans and skinny jeans, but there is actually a lot. Skinny jeans are tighter, and they taper more around the ankle.

Skinny jeans blur the line between pants, but straight leg jeans, like this Lucky Brand jeans women’s pair, are true blue jeans. There’s never a question of just what exactly they are, and here are three reasons you should give them a try.

1. You Can Break the Trend Without Going Overboard

Often the fashion pendulum swings wildly in one extreme direction, and then to compensate, it swings wildly in the other. With years of skinny jeans under your belt, you might be tempted to go full wide-leg, or even bell-bottom, in an attempt to update your wardrobe. Instead, though, try a change that’s a little less drastic and a little subtler.

style of straight leg jeans
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A classic pair of straight leg jeans compliments anything, from sneakers to stilettos, and over-sized sweatshirts to silk blouses. They’re great for spring and summer, and you can easily roll the cuffs for a super casual look.

Plus, to the untrained eye, there isn’t a huge difference between straight leg and skinny jeans. That slight difference gives your wardrobe a little facelift, without doing major surgery. Suddenly, your look is a little fresher, and all you had to do was adjust the cut of your jeans. If only other life changes were so easy to make.

2. You Can Look Your Age

Right now, there probably isn’t much difference between the jeans that you wear and the jeans that kids in high school wear. Theirs might be Pacsun jeans, and yours might be Target jeans, but the shapes and style are probably pretty close. That’s because it’s temping to dress younger. It’s tempting to follow youthful trends, and it’s really hard to dress your age without aging yourself.

Straight leg jeans are refined. They’re serious. They represent a nice middle ground, and they provide a good base for the rest of your wardrobe. You’re not trying to be a seventeen-year-old again when you wear them, and the reason you aren’t is because you’re an awesome, grown adult with a bank account.

Leave the super tight skinny jeans to the kids. Leave them the jeggings and tights. Take your definitive straight leg jeans, and wear them as proudly as you wear your age.

3. You Can Look Effortless with Only a Little Bit of Effort

Jeans are naturally casual. You can dress them up anyway you want, but you can never fully get rid of their casual element. That’s what is so perfect about a classic straight leg pair of jeans. When you wear them, you look natural. You don’t look like you’re trying too hard to be fashionable. You don’t look like you spent too much time deciding what to wear, and yet you look just right.

Good design is one that needs no explanation. Just like a good joke. They each work on their own merits with no assistance. The same is true for a good outfit and a good pair of jeans. You don’t need to interpret them or dissect them. They just work.

Throw on a pair of straight leg jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of black heels, and you don’t need anything else. Your friends will marvel. They’ll wonder how you do it. Standing there in their skinny jeans, boots, and tunics, they’ll wonder how you made it look so simple. You honored straight leg jeans, and they honored you back. You don’t need gimmicks because you understand the power of the understated.

Straight Leg Jeans are Timeless

If you aren’t already scouring the internet for some straight leg jeans, you soon will be. You can see now how they are the answer to your fashion prayers, and you’ve got to collect at least a few pairs. Jean trends will come and go, but a classic pair of straight leg jeans is always a reliable choice.

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