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We have all been there; shopping through the mall and scouring all the racks to find the perfect pair of jeans. Sometimes you find the perfect style and fit, but you just need it to be a smidge tighter. Or maybe, you have the perfect pair already but have lost weight so now they just fit a little baggier than they use to. It used to be that getting your pair of jeans to fit you just right was a matter of wishing that they could shrink just a bit. The good news is, that wish is a little more possible than you might think. 

There are things you can do right in your own home to help shrink your jeans so that they can fit just right. That is where we come in. In today’s article, we are going to take a look at some of the best ways to shrink down your jeans right at home.This way, your jeans can fit you in all the right places and offer you absolute comfort. Let’s get started!

How To Shrink Jeans – Need A Hassle-Free Shrinking Solution?

We have all gone through rough patches with our wardrobe items and articles.

I personally remember the angst of not wanting to part with some True Religion jeans that my booty just couldn’t regularly fit into any longer after I lost all the weight I had put on after my freshman year of College.

You see, for me it was the Freshman 50 (instead of 15) during my first year of schooling (and stress-eating). While I was at that heavier weight I had wanted to feel better about myself so I splurged on a nice designer pair of jeans that flattered my new lumps and bumps.

Well, fast forward about a year and a lot of hard work at the gym later and I was back to my healthy normal weight, however my coveted designer jeans gave me a nonexistent saggy looking bottom and chicken legs.

Had I known back then about the tips that I am about to share with you, I would still to this day be rocking those nice looking True Religions. However, silly me (and boy, am I kicking myself now) I just drove them over to Goodwill and parted with them.

*Sigh*, now – a moment of silence for all the lost designer jeans please.

But you ladies and gents don’t have to suffer and make the same irrevocable fashion mistakes that I did. Not to worry, there is still hope for your baggy, overused, and stretched jeans!

There Are Numerous Ways To Shrink Jean​​​​s

Alright, you guys have only an hour to tighten your favorite pair of jeans up before heading out on the town. What are you going to do?!

This is crunch time but there is no time for panicking, because without even realizing it you have everything you need to have a complete jean make-over.

Below are our top 7 tops on how to shrink jeans:



Okay, no you can’t really cook off inches, but you can definitely cook your jeans to make them up to 5x tighter than they were before. All you’re going to need for this one is a big pot, some water and your loosey-goosey particular pants.

Drop those overused jeans into a boiling pot of water (making sure to fully submerge them) and let those bad boys soak between 20-40 minutes. After the allotted time, get the pants out, wring them out and immediately toss them into the dryer (which must be put on the hottest setting possible).

Disclaimer: If your jeans are not 100% cotton and contain a mix of other materials such as spandex or lycra then I would NOT suggest using this solution as you will likely damage your jeans this way, possibly even making them baggier than they were to begin with. Yikes.



Next time you decide to settle in and draw yourself a relaxing hot bath, make sure to wear your jeans into the water. I know this seems weird, but just hear me out on this one.

If you sit in the tub with your bottom-half completely submerged for half an hour, then get out and wait 10 to let the wet material form to your figure before carefully throwing the garment on the “High” setting in the hot dryer then your jeans will be good as new.

Keep note, this method is especially helpful for those pairs of jeans that are tight in some places and irregularly loose in others. Although you may look silly in the moment, no one will know and no one will care when you strut your stuff in your revamped favorite pair of jeans.



We’ve all accidentally ruined a cute new blouse or pair of shorts by throwing them in the dryer without thinking twice and shrinking them to half their original size. However, this time you’re going to do it on purpose!

Throwing jeans on high heat in the dryer will help to tighten up all of the cotton fibers within the pants.

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This solution calls for ¾ water to be mixed with ¼ fabric softener into a spray bottle of your choosing.

Spray and treat areas on your jeans that need the most tightening, and then throw them in the good ol’ dryer on high and watch your life be made easier instantly.


flat iron

Known for being able to apply intense heat in a matter of seconds, irons can greatly help to tighten any pair of jeans before use. Whether it be a singular spot that needs tightened or the entire set, ironing will help to tighten everything up.

Just be careful to always let this article of clothing cool don before putting them on, as they could burn you right after ironing.



Definitely wouldn’t recommend using this tip during the warmer months, as you might quite literally die from heat stroke. However, this solution is great to use during winter as it adds extra layers of warmth for when you are braving the frigid cold outside.

Adding a layer underneath your jeans will help to provide extra snugness to those baggy old jeans and although this isn’t my top recommended solution, it will still do the trick and work for you.



If worse comes to worse, I would suggest taking those jeans into a seamstress or taking your own nimble hands to it.

If you know how to sew, these jean “remodels” can be completed in almost no time. All you have to do it flip said loose pants inside out, tear out the old inseam and make a new tighter one to ensure a more-snug fit.

If your pants are still too loose after that then you can also sew around a 7-inch piece of elastic into the inside of the waistband, so that the pants can stay snug and fitting all the way up to your waist.

This is my least favorite solution because I hate to mangle the fabric of your jeans like that. If I can help it, I try to avoid sewing and stitching as much as possible.

Please remember to keep in mind that each of the shrinking methods listed above are great ways to enhance the look, fit, comfortability and extend the overall life expectancy on your good ol’ favorite pair of denims.

Each solution offers a solid way to shrink your jeans, it is really just up to your personal preference on which option you would like to go with.

Shrink Those Jeans And Strut Your Stuff

Now that you’ve learned how to shrink jeans – these shrinking options should provide a long-term solution to the problem on hand.

However, just be careful to remember that when attempting to shrink jeans be careful not to set your wet jeans on any light colored carpets or fabrics because bleeding and staining could occur and make sure to be careful when pulling on your newly shrunk jeans belt-loops as you don’t want them to rip out when you start tugging!

Other than that, you should be good to go and set to don these pants and rock those better fitting jeans out and around the town.

We hope these tips have set your mind at ease, as it is easily possible to reuse and recycle your denim for many years to come.

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