List Of The Top 5 Brands For Dark Wash Jeans That’s Perfect For You

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Dust off your dark wash denim ladies, because boy is it back and better than ever.

Times are changing, and the standard work-place environment has taken a turn away from business suits towards a casual route. Workers are now being granted the freedom and ability to customize their work wardrobe a little more.

With dress-code rules relaxing, denim jeans have started to make an increasing appearance in professional business casual ensembles. Everyone from celebrities to CEOS are starting to take heed of this trend, looking stylishly professional while also comfortably cool.

However, this isn’t to say that baggy jeans with holes are allowed in your office cubicle, however nice quality jeans are on the rise, taking the fashion of the working world by surprise.

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Jeans that are worn in office-type settings typically have some common traits that can be found among them all. They are reputable in appearance, they have a professional uniform color (AKA more often than not they are dark wash), they are manufactured of a thicker grade denim called selvage, a material helping to properly flatter the body in a not too tight, restricting or unflattering manner.

Denim has been a constant in our wardrobes since we were little things running around in elementary school. From bell-bottoms to white wash mom jeans, denim styles have changed drastically over the years, going from different lengths, styles and colors all along the way.

Heck, denim is so cool that both Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore matching denim outfits to a red carpet event. Designers have begun to catch-on and recognize the universal importance of having denim be a heavy part of one’s wardrobe, but they wanted to spice up this seemingly boring look for the 2018 year.

Thus, denim has gone dark.

Dark wash jeans are the new style and jean trend. Indigo has swept across the catwalks of the world as designers all simultaneously recognize the sheer elegance of a dark denim piece. Dark wash indigo denim is a great way for a classic and clean look to be maintained, as the natural fabric is easier to work with without all the artificially added patterns.

This classy, dark wash denim is a style I think we can all gladly jump on the bandwagon for.

More on Dark Wash Jeans 

However, this “new” craze really isn’t that new. Dark wash denim has been around for a long time now, so many are probably wondering why this craze is back and better than ever. And that’s because your seemingly drab, dark jean wardrobe is about to be revamped and revolutionized.

Inky indigo washes go with virtually every type of clothing, because whether you want to dress the outfit up with some cha-cha heels and a blouse or casually walk around with your Chaco’s and workout tank, a single pair of dark denim jeans can supply you with all of your fashion needs.

This versatile trend will be with you through your most glamourous days, and even most of your grungy days too.

So are you ready to rock the runway of your life and reintroduce this seemingly simple style change back into your life?

You don’t have even have to feel obligated to purchase expensive designer brand name products, you’ll still be able to turn heads in this dark style without blowing your savings account, as there are many affordable options providing amazing quality jeans.

This jean is a staple in just about everyone’s wardrobe and if your closet is lacking a dark denim set, then quite frankly you’re just doing it wrong.

How We Chose Our Ratings

We have even done all of the tedious work for you, searching through the vast fashion world so that you can casually rock this dark denim look, without having to go through all the backbreaking hard work it takes to locate the perfect pair of pants.

I would encourage everyone to take advantage of this unusual option, which I know sounds nice and tempting, as we all find ourselves overworked and exhausted every day so we don’t have the time to worry about shopping for the perfect item.

Not to fret, the jeans listed below are all highly stylish, chic, and even affordable. Because joining in on the dark wash jeans trend doesn’t have to be just a posh designer thing. We have taken the time and done the necessary research, all so that you don’t have to.

Now keep in mind, this list is just the tip of the iceberg and are only the places I would suggest to start at when looking to stock up your closet with dark wash denim. As mentioned multiple times, this trend is taking off with flying colors, so you’ll find that many and most retail-stores will probably carry some sort of dark wash jeans.

In the end it really all comes down to preference and quality. So take a look at the below options, as they are all customer-approved and verified to give wearers a good fit, feel and experience. But if those don’t do it for you don’t be discouraged as there are many other stores will awesome dark wash jean options.

Top 5 Dark Wash Jeans

So now it’s time to take a look at the jeans that are going to hug you in all the right places.

These new dark wash denim jeans might just be your newest favorite closet item. Dress it up, or dress it down, you’ll find that your dark jeans will always have your fashionable back.

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These jeans have been raved about all over the internet, which was a surprise to me because I admittedly haven’t shopped for jeans at American Eagle since I was in High School. Huh, who knew!

These slick, lean, comfy and not too skinny jeans are revolutionizing the way jeans are made and lived in.

They have a 360 Extreme Flex incorporated into the design that encourages maximum movement, comfort and range of motion. The extreme level of stretch these jeans are capable of handling definitely will ensure that the pair will keep its shape for many years to come.

[amazon link=”B0018OLTAC”]

[amazon box=”B0018OLTAC”]

The jean brand of all jean brands. Levi is known for being reliable, sturdy, stylish, and comfy. This company has never let us down and they have been engineering and making designs with their customers as their first priority since the very beginning.

This specific, classic fit jean with 5 pockets and a slim silhouette featuring a slightly tapered leg has stayed cool for multiple generations, always handsomely fitting whichever wearer dons the item. This is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon and can also be found at a slew of other in-person stores such as Macys.

[amazon link=”B07176T8PD”]

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This vintage-inspired jean features faded dark blue paired with a comfortable straight-leg design to flatter any and all body types.

Ralph Lauren is known for their quality clothing and brand, so their jeans are no different than their amazingly wanted and raved about polos. The company is reputable, and although it is a little more expensive than the others, at least you know what you are getting – with each pair containing a signature “Polo Ralph Lauren” leather patch proudly on the back-right waist pocket.

These low-rise cotton jeans need to be belted at the waist and contain a straight fit design with a slight taper closer towards the leg openings at the bottom of the pant.

[amazon link=”B07D7HMR5L”]

[amazon box=”B07D7HMR5L”]

This jean creates a classic look and they can be worn to just about any type of function.

The dark colored trousers sit low on the waist and remain completely straight throughout the entire leg of the pants. This premium 100% imported cotton and dark blue denim is not likely to stretch. With a button-clasp closure, zip fly, and 5 handy pockets, one really can’t go wrong with this stylish and cost efficient option. 

[amazon link=”B010C8ZT1O”]

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Good jeans don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, which is why Dickies is a super reliable work and play brand. The high-quality brand is low-cost and contains the durability to last a very long time. The slim fit cotton pant gives off a slick classic look that is completely machine washable and can be found at many stores.

Buyers Guide: What To Consider When Buying Dark Wash Denim

Well as obviously stated in the title, you don’t have to worry too much about choosing the kind of wash of your desired new jeans because, well duh, dark is the best and most easily interchangeable between various different life occasions.

Fun Fact: Dark wash jeans, also referred to as “indigo” depending on the brand you are purchasing them from, help to flatter your legs and hide either skinny or fat areas on the lower half of the body.

Style: The style of the jean is also referenced to as the cut or fit of the jean. Depending on the individual’s body type different cut-styles of jeans are recommended.

The most common jean styles that can be found are:

  • skinny fit
  • slim fit
  • straight fit
  • boot cut fit
  • relaxed fit
  • baggy fit
  • drop crotch
  • loose fit

It’s important to pick a style that is going to be appropriate and fit your body type. Slim and relaxed fit jeans are a great in-between option because they won’t be too clingy or baggy on the wearer. A straight legged or tapered jean is the best and most flattering option for heavier individuals.

Size: The waist width and leg length (also referred to as inseam) are how one determines the measurements of their jeans.

In order to fully embrace the confidence boost that these jeans inevitably provide it’s important to make sure you get the correct fitting jean size.

The jeans should rest snug on your hips, in such a way that you won’t require a belt to hold yourself up. The length of the material should leave a very slight break when they come close to meeting where your shoes begin.

However, make sure not to purchase jeans that are too short because you’ll look like goof and that aren’t too long because they will bunch together in a baggy hot clumpy mess around your ankles.

Fabric: Denim material is known to be blended with multiple different types of fabrics. Some jeans may have polyester in them while other have 2-3% spandex. No mix is specifically better than the other as it all comes down to personal preference, and the level of stretch and comfort you want your pantalones to contain.

Spandex blends typically are a little more comfortable and forgiving in the thick thigs area however they tend to stretch easier not able to retain their original shape quite as well as the 100% cotton blends. Again, at the end of the day it’s all up to you boo and you’ll find that the above recommendations that I made contain both types of jean styles.

Selvedge denim jeans are an awesome technological advantage that actually weaves the jeans in a unique modern way so that they will resist fraying and curling.

To tell the difference between regular and selvedge jeans you should look on the inner seam of the pants, a thin band will denote the unique make while a zig-zag stitch will mean the jeans were made in a standard manner.

Weight: Pay special attention to the weight of your dark jeans, as the heavier the denim, the harder and longer it takes to break them in. However, they will be especially sturdy, therefore you’ll be able to love them longer.

So there you have it, dark blue denim has much more to offer than meets the eye, as they are basically a fashion statement piece that every shop-a-holic must have in their closet.

This wardrobe piece will match perfectly with all of your outfits, complimenting your style and flattering your figure. You’d be crazy not to have at least one good pair of dark wash jeans on hand.

Dark Wash Denim For Everyone


We hope this guide has helped you to understand the awesomeness of dark wash jeans, especially since this flattering and universal trend obviously isn’t going away anytime soon.

So, go out, don your dark denim and show the world what you’re made of.

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