Colored Jeans – Top 5 Picks Available On The Market

Top 5 Colored Jeans on the Market

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Bold fashion statements are all the rage these days, and this includes loud, attention-catching pants. You can still have all the ease and comfort of an everyday pair of jeans, while also adding some boldness to your look.

It’s so easy to pair a simple white or black top with a pair of colored jeans to add some fun. Consider a pair of shiny gold jeans or a bright pink.

More adventurous than a plain blue jean, but still very versatile, colored jeans are a fantastic new trend. You’re going to want to find as many different colors as you can.

It is hard enough trying to decide between a light or dark wash in a classic blue jean, so the selection of colored jeans can be overwhelming. Just as there are many different fits of jeans, there are also many available colors.

Not only do you want your jeans to look good, you also want to be sure they are made of high-quality denim. You want to find the best-colored jeans on the market.






[amazon link=”B073PPB53C” title=”SKINNY ANKLE JEANS BY LEVI’S” /]

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You want to search for jeans that are not only colorful and fun, but also something you would want to wear on a regular basis. After all, it’s no use having a great pair of jeans if you can’t wear them.

The best jeans look great with any outfit and colored jeans shouldn’t be an exception. Something unique about colored jeans, though, is that the color may fade over time if they are not made of good quality denim.

You have probably had pants before where the color will bleed onto the bottom of the shirt you are wearing, as the shirt rubs up against the waistline of the jeans. You want to make sure that this does not happen with the new colored jeans you buy.

This site only wants to recommend high-quality cute jeans. After assessing each pair of jeans, they were assigned a rating out of 5 stars based on your satisfaction.


[amazon link=”B073PPB53C” title=”1. 311 SHAPING SKINNY ANKLE JEANS BY LEVI’S”]

[amazon box=”B073PPB53C” /]

Along with classic blue and the standard black, the 311 Shaping Skinny Ankle Jeans by Levi’s brand jeans also come in a cool grey and a beautiful light lilac sateen. You’ll fall in love with this color right away.

While they’re certainly preppy and adorable, the jeans also manage to look casual. You can wear them with tennis shoes, sandals, or high heels, and be confident that you look stylish.

Because these jeans are shaping, they’re flattering on everyone. They make you look smooth and sleek, and they’re still super comfortable.

Made of 60% cotton, 37% viscose, and 3% elastane, these jeans will stretch for comfort and still snap black into place to flatter your body shape perfectly. They make everyone look slimmer.

The pants stop at the ankle, which makes them perfect for summer. Try pairing them with a flowy peasant top or even just a basic white t-shirt. You know you will look good and feel good in these pants so there’s really no reason not to buy at least one color.

Customers are extremely satisfied with these jeans, stating they feel great and look even better. Several reviews even mentioned that the customers went back and bought the jeans in multiple colors because they love them so much.

They mention that even though these jeans were originally designed for summer weather, they are also excellent to wear in the fall because you can tuck them easily into your boots.

Considering their one-of-a-kind color and their versatility make them ideal for any type of weather, these jeans earn 5 out of 5 stars.


[amazon box=”B07CHYPYMN” /]

The best thing about these jeans is that they come in so many different pretty colors. There’s green, Lavender Hill, Wild Rose, pink, and blue. The Gap website calls these pants their bestseller, and it is easy to see why.

They’re made of premium stretch denim, they have five pockets, and they’re cute as they can be. Made of 80% cotton, 18% rayon, and 2% elastane, these pants should be washed inside out in cold water to assure the special dye that is used to give the colored pants a vintage look does not transfer or fade.

The color should hold up nicely as long as the pants are washed with care.

Customers were incredibly pleased with these pants, with over 200 users giving them a 5-star review.

Consumers loved that the pants never lose their shape, no matter how many times you wear or wash them. They also praised the vibrant colors, the flattering cut, and the soft material.

Because these are skinny jeans, they do fit pretty tight, so you may want to go up a size larger than you would normally wear. Keep in mind though, these are ankle jeans, so they probably will not reach all the way down to your shoes.

Again, if you want them to be a little longer so they fit more like traditional jeans, consider going up a size. It’s really all about your personal preference.

One more important note is that the Wild Rose and Green styles have a raw hem, while the other colors all have a clean hem. Both styles look very fashionable and chic.

Comfortable and gorgeous, these jeans earn 4.8 out of 5 stars.



These jeans immediately caught my eye. They are form fitting and the perfect capri length for summer. If you want to show off your toned calf muscles, these are definitely the jeans for you.

The Venus capri jeans are available in classic dark wash and light wash for any ladies who want to play it safe, but the colored styles are where it gets really fun and exciting.

The pants come in black, royal blue, coral (a customer favorite), mint, and white. These adorable jeans would look best with some summer wedges, but they also pair well with flats and sneakers.

Made from a cotton, polyester, and spandex blend, these jeans come in sizes 2-16. You’ll absolutely love the fit of these pants, as they make your legs and rear look fantastic. The reviews agree, with over 200 users giving the jeans 5 out of 5 stars. Several customers loved how the capri jeans flattered their shape and made them look thinner.

Multiple users called these their favorite new pants and admitted they went back to buy more. They hadn’t found jeans that fit them this well in a long time.

The Venus jeans fit like a glove and come in gorgeous colors that pop. These jeans earn a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.


[amazon box=”B077GDB2J8″ /]

Similar to the Gap jeans, the Women’s Elysian Twill Skinny Jeans are made for comfort and shape. They will make any woman look sleek and slim while still being comfortably soft and stretchy. In other words, they’re the perfect jeans.

Made of 41% cotton, 32% modal, 21% TENCEL lyocell, and 6% Lycra spandex, these pants are so stretchy and flattering, you’ll want to wear them all day and night. They also promise to keep their shape throughout wear, so you’ll know you look fabulous every moment of the day.

As far as the jeans fit on curvier ladies, they accentuate your curves without enlarging them. Many women are self-conscious about the weight held around their hips, so they are wary when buying tight-fitting pants. However, the fit of these jeans is perfect to cover up any imperfections and make any size lady look shapely.

One of the best things about these pants is how they come in different lengths, so they will be sure to fit any body type.

Along with coming in sizes all the way from 0 to 20, the jeans are also available in regular, petite, or tall length, but the tall cut does tend to cost more.

Reviewers loved these jeans and were excited they could wear them both to work and in their leisure time. Customers mentioned how comfortable the twill material is and were pleased with the way it shaped to their bodies. There was no gapping around the waist, and the pants hug the body without squeezing.

The only negative point of these jeans is that the color on the website is a bit darker than they actually look in real life. When ordering the Capers color, you may expect a dark green, but it appears a more forest green when they arrive in the mail.

The jeans are still very cute, and you will definitely wear them often. These jeans earn a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.


[amazon box=”B00ZP9KJUC” /]

These jeans come in several darling colors, including Pleasanton Fray, Vintage Pink, and Black Amber. The real stand out is the Vintage Pink, which you are sure to get tons of compliments on when you wear them.

The Lolita Mid Rise Skinny Jean features a contoured waistband, which makes all ladies look thinner while still keeping them feeling comfortable in the soft material.

The jeans are made of cotton, rayon, polyester, and Lycra, making them perfectly stretchy for curvier women but still very easy to care for. In sizes 24-32, these jeans are not stiff but rather very flexible, so much so that you could probably work out in them.

Customers loved the color, saying even the pale colors kept them feeling covered, unlike some other light-colored pants that are essentially see-through. Shoppers loved the fit and said the pants made them look and feel good. The only suggestion they offered was that the jeans be offered in a few more colors.

You’ll surely agree with the reviews here. These jeans earn a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars.



It can be daunting to purchase jeans online, as all brands fit a little bit differently. However, each of these adorable colored jeans is available in a wide array of sizes that will be sure to fit anyone and everyone.

Make sure to look at the measurements of jeans before purchasing them, so you can be certain you are ordering the right size.

Next, consider what color you are looking for. You want to be able to pair your jeans with several different tops and shoes, just like you would with classic blue jeans.

If you love wearing fun, eye-catching colors, this guide will be a great start to your colored jeans purchase!

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