Why You Should Now Consider Wearing Burlap Pants


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Why You Should Wear Burlap Pants 

There are many fashion trends that have stood the test of time. Denim jeans, the classic t-shirt, and athletic shoes are just a few examples of clothing items that have been around for generations and continue to be popular today.

While some trends may continue to be relevant in the world of fashion, there are other fashion trends that have come and gone faster than items on the clearance rack during Black Friday.

For many people, burlap pants are one of those trends that doesn’t have staying power. But for others, pants and other clothing items made from resilient burlap material can help make a fun and unique fashion statement.

The History of Burlap


Burlap material has so many benefits and you may be surprised at the different ways it may be used. It was widely used in Germany and Europe around the age of the American Revolution.

The Europeans referred to the material as “hessian” which is a term they also used to describe the Germans as well. That’s because they would often wear burlap uniforms to battle.

The Use of Burlap in Religious Rituals

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Burlap is a very coarse material that can be extremely itchy and uncomfortable to wear. For that reason, it is used by many religions such as the Roman Catholics in sacrificial rites.

These rituals, such as the mortification of the flesh, place the wearer in an uncomfortable state where they are denied all pleasures for a specific period. Along with burlap, other clothing made from jute or hair may also be worn.

The Source Behind Burlap’s Strength


burlaps strength

The reason why burlap material is so coarse and scratchy is because it is made from the outside of the Jute plant. Jute is one of the most affordable and abundant crops that we have access to. It is also a very strong, natural material.

The fibers of the Jute plant have a high cellulose content plus a high lignin content. Cellulose is a component that can be found in large, sturdy plant stalks, and lignin is found in wood. The combination of these two components makes Jute a very strong and reliable resource for creating all types of goods from clothing to building materials.

Another great benefit to jute fibers is that they are resistant to water seepage and heat. And it is easy to dye the material in any shade you like. Jute fibers are very good insulators and are also anti-static.

All About the Jute Plant


The Jute Plant grows well in areas of standing water. For that reason, most of the plants that are used in manufacturing come from locations such as India due to their heavy rain seasons. It can also be found n tropical lowlands where the humidity remains between 60% to 90%.

India is responsible for more than half of the world’s jute production. Other areas that are close behind include Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Nepal.

The Jute plant has been a major part of Bangladesh’s culture for many years. Throughout the 1800s and 1900s, the country produced a large supply of jute which was sent to the United Kingdom. It was then processed in mills, at first by hand and later by use of the textile mill.

The ability to process jute material faster using the textile mill caused the industry for this strong and versatile fiber to grow very quickly. It was known as the “Golden Fiber of Bangladesh” at one time.

The popularity of jute fibers began to decline with the introduction of synthetic fibers around 1970.

The Benefits of Burlap


Burlap may not be the preferred choice of clothing material for many people due to how uncomfortable it may be to wear, but it is a great material that is breathable, durable, and extremely strong. That is why it is often used in industrial settings as packaging material and in the agricultural industry for transporting goods that are likely to spoil if not exposed to fresh air.

Perhaps the most common use for burlap material these days to create sacks for storing potatoes, onions, or rice. The reason why burlap is so popular with food storage is because it can help to prevent spoilage. It is also very strong which means that it can be used to easily transport heavy items with ease.

You can even use burlap for home interior purposes. Many people create their own curtains and lampshades using this durable material.

The Various Uses for Burlap Material

Burlap is an inexpensive, natural material made from the strong and fibrous stalks of the jute plant. Jute is readily accessible, biodegradable, and recyclable.

The high tensile strength of this fiber makes it very useful for agricultural use. It may be used to make fiber, sacks, yarn, nets and various other products. It is also widely used for decorative purposes, in gardening and in the construction industry.

How Burlap is Used in Agriculture 

Burlap material is frequently used in the agricultural industry. Bags made of burlap are ideal for packaging and transporting crops, food, and feed for animals. The bags can be purchased in different sizes or fabric weights. Burlap bags or sacks are very strong, durable, and affordable. They are a great choice for packaging onions, potatoes, cabbage, peas, nuts, and lentils.

The different types of burlap bags that are used in the agricultural industry include mesh, fabric, and polypropylene bags. There are many other uses for burlap in the agricultural industry, such as protecting plants from the harsh outdoor elements, enforcing weed control and erosion.

How Burlap is Used in Construction

Burlap material is used in the construction industry for curing concrete It is effective because of how absorbent it can be. The material is durable enough to add water to it so that the concrete it is covering will not dry out as fast.

Another use for burlap material in construction is helping concrete maintain its strength while curing. Burlap bags are also commonly used for transportation and packaging of resources like sand and cement used for construction jobs.

How Burlap is Used in Gardening

The gardening industry greatly benefits from the use of burlap material as well. Burlap can be used in planting to protect the seeds from being washed away. It can be wrapped around tree trunks to protect young trees and protect the bark from damage caused by rodents.

Burlap material can also be used for bailing roots to easily transport trees and shrubs from one location to the next. It is often used to transport plants from nurseries. You can even fill small sacks of burlap with compost and use it to brew compost tea.

Why You Should Consider Buying Burlap Accessories

Burlap pants may not be the latest fad in fashion and they may not have the staying power that classic denim jeans or cotton leggings have, but they can still be very useful.

Burlap material may be too scratchy to use for clothing, but if you wash it, press it, and line the inside of the pants or jacket with a softer material such as cotton, you can create a strong and durable pair of burlap pants that are not uncomfortable to wear.

You can sew the material to the outer layer of various types of clothing to create a unique and stylish look. And burlap material is always a great choice for handbags and purses that can be dyed to match any outfit you have in your closet.

Burlap material is strong, recyclable and affordable. It can be used to make several clothing items and fashion accessories from pants and jackets to purses and eco-friendly shopping bags.

The fabric is very easy to dye, which means there is no limit to the color choices you can have when buying burlap accessories. The material is ideal for creating sling bags, party purses and so much more.

Quick Facts About Burlap 

  • Burlap is heat-resistant
  • It is easy to dye various bright colors
  • The Jute fibers used to make burlap are broken down into smaller fibers and then used to create both burlap and imitation silk
  • The jute plant is high in Vitamin C, Iron, Beta-Carotene, and Calcium
  • In parts of Egypt and West Africa, the leaves of the jute plant are eaten on their own or added to soups for additional nourishment
  • Burlap material is ideal for everyday use
  • It is extremely versatile, strong, and durable
  • Burlap is also biodegradable

Where to Purchase Burlap Pants

If you are hoping to buy a trendy pair of burlap pants, you are in luck. There are many retailers both online and offline who have burlap pants available in trendy new styles.

You can also find one-of-a-kind burlap pants and other fashion accessories on websites such as eBay and Etsy.

There you can find both vintage burlap pants and fashion accessories, as well as modernized pieces that are sure to dress up your current casual wardrobe. Or, if you are handy with a sewing machine, you can always make your own burlap fashion creations that are unlike anything the fashion industry has seen before.

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