Identifying The List Of Top 8 Brands For Best Dark Jeans


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Top 8 Dark Jean Brands

Everyone loves dark jeans, but not all clothing is created equally. Simply put, some brands are just better than others.

Jeans vary wildly in terms of quality, look, stitching, and general fit. Some companies get it spot on, while others are a bit lacking in one area or another. That variability can make it hard to know what jeans to buy.

In this article, we will help solve that problem by breaking down the best dark jeans brands out there to understand why some clothing items surpass others.


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Identifying the Best Dark Jeans to Buy

There are several factors you need to keep in mind when breaking down the best dark jean brands. You not only want to find jeans that look good, but you also want ones that sit well on your body.

Comfort goes a long way when choosing your pants, but it is not the only thing that matters. To ensure the brand you pick is the correct one, it is always a good idea to diligently check off each important box one at a time until you know you’ll be taken care of.

[amazon link=”B01H2IUMN2″ title=”1. CALVIN KLEIN JEANS” /]

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First established in 1968, Calvin Klein Jeans is one of the highest selling and most well-known brands in America. That reason alone makes them a great place to buy your dark jeans. However, as you may imagine, the first company on our list goes a bit beyond that.

Calvin Klein is not just a jean company, they specialize in many different clothing items, ranging from shirts to sandals to sweaters. That is important because it ensures that everything they make is high quality.

This brand not only looks and feels good (two key aspects to have in jeans) but they offer trendy options at an affordable price. Jeans, dark or regular, can be quite expensive. However, not all good jeans need to cost you an arm and a leg.

Calvin Klein is a perfect example of that, providing you with great, dependable dark jeans at a lower price point. If you’re looking for something that will provide you with durability and comfort in a cheap package, this is the way to go.


[amazon link=”B073TT71KM” title=”2. LEVIS STRAUSS” /]

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There is something to be said for a name.

While it is possible that some people do not know a few of the brands covered in this guide, just about everyone knows Levis Strauss. The American company is one of the biggest jean manufacturers on Earth, and they’ve been creating quality products for years.

Not only do they do a ton of business in the States, but they also have factories in the Middle East, Africa, Singapore, and some parts of Asia.

The reason they make this list is because of that reliability, and the fact that they create some of the best affordable dark jeans around.

The brand is one of the best on the planet because they make tough-but-comfortable jeans at a very affordable price point. Some people may shy away from lower prices, but don’t let that deter you.

Levis is a great mix of features, and they save you money on two levels. Not only is their up-front cost lower than many other companies, but you also don’t need to replace them very often.

Jeans take a lot of abuse, and they will get ripped and torn as time goes on. Getting a brand that can combat the strains of everyday life is important.

If you’re looking for a pair of jeans that will last you through the years, this is the way to go.


[amazon link=”B01M3VGM8R” title=”3. WRANGLER”]

[amazon box=”B01M3VGM8R” /]

Continuing on with the big brands, Wrangler is another extremely popular jean manufacturer that creates some of the best dark jeans on the market.

The company, like Levis, has been making dark jeans for decades. In that time, they have perfected the process in a way that many other companies have not.

These pants are affordable, tough, stylish, and feel great from the moment you put them on. When choosing dark jeans, you want something that you can wear immediately. Wrangler is one of the best choices for that.

Marked with the signature “W,” the brand is known for its originality and ability to create incredible looks. For that reason, they are one of the best companies to choose when you’re specifically searching for style.

While they are much more than that, it always helps to be able to choose an attractive fit or color when searching for jeans.

Also note that, while Wrangler has a reputation of being a men’s company, the brand tailors to every gender and age group. Their site (linked above) has sections for men, women, and kids. There is even a special western section if such options peak your interest.


[amazon link=”B073D4NYNV” title=”4. TRUE RELIGION”]

[amazon box=”B073D4NYNV” /]

The above two brands are tailored more towards the average person, giving you dark jeans for everyday life. While number four on our list, True Religion, can also be worn every day if you so choose, it is much more focused on the designer or premium crowd.

These jeans can be found all over the world and for good reason. They are extremely high quality, feel soft, and look absolutely fantastic.

There are a range of looks and wash options available, allowing you to perfectly customize them to your wardrobe. Do not think that dark jeans need to be one color. You have many routes to travel down, and True Religion gives you just about every option you could imagine.

Though it is definitely more expensive than base jeans, the brand is a great way to get a classier look without shelling out too much money. This is an important concern, and one of the best reasons to pick them over other premium sellers.

As with Levis, True Religion is a brand that can be seen across the world. Though they are based out of California, their stores are in 50 different countries.


[amazon link=”B01HP6WE28″ title=”5. A.P.C” /]

[amazon box=”B01HP6WE28″ /]

One of the newest brands on our list, A.P.C is an awesome company that provides some of the most stylish dark jeans out there.

Each company on this list puts its own unique spin on common jeans. A.P.C. is a brand that does that through their materials.

The reason their jeans are so unique is that they use raw denim, which is denim that has not gone through any usual processing or distressing process. Rather than have your clothes go through a middle man you get fabric straight off the loom.

That not only makes your jeans tougher and a bit more durable, but it also leaves their beautiful natural colors intact. This is especially handy when working with dark jeans because you can get gorgeous hues and looks.

The raw denim makes A.P.C’s dark jeans both stylish and sleek. They have ample options to pick from, and regardless of what you choose, the quality materials will leave you satisfied with your purchase.

It can take a while to get used to raw denim, but you’ll be extremely happy once you do.


[amazon link=”B00KQ3KMSG” title=”6. LUCKY BRAND” /]

[amazon box=”B00KQ3KMSG” /]

Another reliable brand name in the jean world, Lucky Jeans is a company that has been making high-quality dark jeans since 1990.

What pushes this brand over the top is their incredibly wide selection. They offer dark jeans in a wide amount of fits and styles.

You can browse by jeans for men, jeans for women, and they even have options based on look or body type.

Within each of those are countless fits that range from 110 skinny to sweet jean to Lolita. Going through all of the styles available is fun within itself.

Though all of the dark jeans are similar in appearance or feel, extra customization or extra options is never a bad thing.

In addition, Lucky Brand constantly has great sales on their jeans. It can be hard to score a deal in today’s market, but they almost always offer discounts if you keep updated on their site.

Everything about these jeans, from their look to their feel, screams quality. That is what you’re paying for with Lucky, and it shows through all of their clothing items.

If you want comfort and style mixed with endless options, they’re the brand for you.


[amazon link=”B074WWJLH2″ title=”7. LEE” /]

[amazon box=”B074WWJLH2″ /]

Lee is another one of the best dark jean brands around because of how far they go out of their way to provide their customers with options.

Chances are you’ve heard of this company. The reason for that is they are in many, many stores across the world due to their reliability.

That trait comes from their amazing quality and more casual look. Lee offers you plenty of jeans, and all of their products come in many fits, styles, and color options.

It is always a hassle to find a brand you like and then realize that you are not a fan of the few options they offer. Lee is one of the best ways to get around those issues and make sure that you will be able to find something you enjoy.

The power of choice is incredibly strong with this brand, and that is often just as important as extra features (though the company offers plenty of strong characteristics as well).

When choosing dark jeans from Lee, you don’t just get pants. You get the ability to sort by gender, as well as many, many fits for both men and women.

Not only that, but their pants come in many different sizes and departments. They also give you the option to search through their inventory by inseam, rise, color, and price.

In that way, rather than quickly becoming overwhelmed, you can tailor your search in the exact way you want. Either go broad and spend some time browsing or narrow your specifications down to only see a few options.


[amazon link=”B01D2TY1YQ” title=”8. DIESEL”]

[amazon box=”B01D2TY1YQ” /]

The final best brand for dark jeans on our list is Diesel. The company first emerged in the late 1970’s and has worked hard since that time to make a name for themselves in the industry.

They have definitely succeeded.

While absolutely more expensive than most dark jean brands, that is of little consequence because you’re paying for superior quality and incredible comfort.

Diesel sells itself as a lifestyle brand (and in most respects they are) but jeans are what they do best. You will find their superior quality in each and every pair they make, providing each purchase with an extremely durable pair of pants that feels great as soon as you put them on.

With many fits and looks available, Diesel jeans are much more than the average pair. They are well-rounded items that pack in all the desirable qualities you could ever want.

This brand is the option for people who don’t mind paying a bit more for their clothing, or who want premium dark jeans.

It is not simply that you’re upping your budget for no reason, it is that you’re upping your budget for a comfortable item that you can mold exactly to you.


Incredible Brands and Unmatched Quality

Dark jeans look great. However, that does not mean it is easy to find the pair that’s best for you. Rather than focusing in on one specific style, it is much better to look at the brand as a whole and then go from there.

The above nine companies are some of the best on the current market. Not only are they all known for their quality, but they also go the extra mile to make their clothing look and feel good.

You always need to do a bit of your own analysis when choosing a new pair of pants, but dark jeans are some of the easiest to find once you know what you’re looking for.

Though each of the above brands offers something different, if you go through them all you’ll know exactly what you need and which one will best fit your lifestyle.

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