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where to buy joggers

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The work out industry has come a long way.

It wasn’t too long ago that exercise clothes were made for practicality. While they still are, they have become somewhat of a fashion statement.

Workout clothing is a great mix of comfortable, yet fashionable. While they still serve a practical purpose, it’s more accepted to wear workout clothes for style.

Let’s take a look at some work out gear that you’ll love.

What are Jogger Pants?

Jogger pants have officially taken over the menswear industry in popularity. According to Hayley Peterson of Business Insider Australia, these tapered sweatpants are the hottest new trend for men.

what are jogger pants
Image via Business Insider

They were originally made to stop just above the ankle and be elasticated to show off expensive sports shoes. This has meant they have become associated with the rise of sneaker culture. Now, they are being sold in vogue boutiques as a trending fashion statement.

So, what’s the difference between sweatpants and jogger pants? Surbhi Khan of Quora explains that jogger pants are casual. They are closely related to track pants. However, they aren’t as heavy as track pants, which were made to lounge around in after sports or exercise.

To sum it up and prevent confusion, jogger pants are sweatpants that have been tapered at the bottom to reveal pricey footwear. Track pants are also sweatpants, except without any elastic.

This simple idea of changing the ankle has turned the jogger pant into a popular piece of streetwear that’s redefining the concept of casual. Jogger pants can be used for exercise. However, they can also be used in other casual settings as well, especially when paired with a polo t-shirt.

Where to Get Men’s Joggers

Now that you’re clear on what a pair of jogger pants looks like let’s take a look at where to get them. Due to their rise in popularity, there is a wide variety of men’s joggers currently available.

The biggest brands in American youth culture have quickly taken up the task of producing a line of jogger pants to cater to this current trend.

Old Navy calls their jogger pants “Flex Twill Joggers.” With a cord to tie up at the waist and the option of having pockets halfway down the leg, Old Navy has a creative range that is made to suit your personal preferences.

Old Navy’s jogger pants come in a variety of colors. These include mustard, grey, charcoal, and even khaki.

Urban Outfitters thinks outside the box with their approach to men’s jogger pants. In stark contrast to Old Navy’s collection, it’s hard to find a pair at Urban Outfitters that isn’t brightly colored or patterned.

These jogger pants fall under the names “patterned pant” or “baggy pant.” From floral and crosses to tropical and striped, there’s no end to the pattern variations available on jogger pants through Urban Outfitters.

The Best Joggers for Women

While this fashion trend seems to be aimed primarily at men, there is a range and style of jogger pants made to suit women. Let’s take a look at the best joggers on the market for women.

best joggers for women
Image via MeUndies

Ashley Phillips of Best Products explains that the best thing about jogger pants is that you can be trendy while staying comfortable. Comfort is not something often associated with fashion. With jogger pants, you get the best of both worlds.

Everlane Street fleece pants have made cozy looking jogger pants that will fit in seamlessly with most of your wardrobe, whether it’s casual or a little bit dressy. They fit the bill when it comes to comfortable track pant, yet maintain an essence of class.

Monrow Camo Vintage Sweats make wearing jogger pants look daring and bold. With their dark khaki pattern, they are right on the trend target of 2018. Complement the khaki with an oversized white tee, and you’ll get away with wearing the most comfortable pair of pants, all day.

Behati Ruched Velour joggers are not for the faint-hearted. The velour tracksuit was a daring fashion trend that came and went in the 2000’s. Now it’s back to try its hand with jogger pants and can be styled with both heels and flats. With confidence, you can pull this off.

Owning the Best Pair of Joggers

Working out has never been more fashionable.

It used to be that you had to compromise comfort to look cool. Pain is beauty, as they say.

With the rise of jogger pants, this is no longer the case. Now you can achieve an effortlessly cool look, without any real effort. Throw on a snug pair of jogger pants with your favorite dress shirt and fit right in with what’s on trend.


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