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Jeans have and always will be a major staple in global fashion. They are tough, durable, and are a simple foundation piece to nearly any outfit.

They also come in a wide variety of shapes and styles that change with each generation. We have evolved from the blooming seventies bell bottom style and graduated to a more slim, simple aesthetic that flatters the figure.

Now, straight leg jeans are all the fuss for both men and women’s fashion. The less flair the better.

There are a plethora of brands out there that produce high-quality products, but which ones are truly the best?



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This review is going to jump into the brands that produce some of the most comfortable, flattering straight leg jeans. We have gathered this information by pouring through customer reviews online.

Keep in mind that all of our reviews are unbiased and are simply the result of intensive research of customer experience and general popularity.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the 10 best brands and styles for those of you looking for straight leg jeans.


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We will first tackle this style of jeans for females. Because the women’s fashion industry is so widely varied, finding durable straight leg jeans is more of a challenge.

These are the 5 most popular and positively reviewed jean brands and styles that we discovered.


old navy pants

Old Navy has always been a famous producer when it comes to jean products. Old Navy was born out of Gap in 1994, when the owner and CEO of the company decided to grow his franchise.

Since 1994, Old Navy has been doing rather well, outperforming Gap in terms of sales and popularity. In fact, as Gap stores close across the country, Old Navy stores have been built in response in order to compensate for financial loss and build profits for the company.

It is no surprise that the most affordable and popular of straight leg jeans on the list is from Old Navy.

These Jeans are nicknamed the ‘perfect straight for women’. They sell for only 35$, and customers loved them most for how comfortable they were.

They are extra stretchy, so you don’t get that constricting feeling you often times have with traditional rigid straight jeans.

They come in either petite or tall alongside universal jean sizes, so you can find a pair that best fits your body shape. They are mid-rise and hit at the ankle, making them a flattering option for simple flats.

So, want something that runs on the more affordable side but still offers you a flattering fit with comfort, go for the Old Navy brand.


slim straight jeans

Madewell is another incredibly popular company in the jean industry. Although they had a few styles of jeans that ranked high on customer review lists, these seemed to be one of the more universally popular styles.

There is actually some interesting controversy behind the founding of Madewell. Originally known to be founded as J-Crew’s sister label, a recent story surfacing on Buzzfeed now reveals that J-Crew bought the trademark and the story of its founding in 1937, claiming it as its own.

Despite this, Madewell, being a part of the J-Crew line, makes great straight leg jeans.

The slim straight in william wash was rated best for the fact that it was not too loose or not to tight. They don’t hug the leg, but are a nice, comfortably loose straight jean that gives your legs some breathing room.

This style also has magic pockets, which is a special material in the front pockets that help keep the fit snug and lifted.

These are also available in petite and tall so you can find the best fit. They come in at around 128 dollars, however, so they are a slightly more intense investment.

As we mentioned before, Gap has not been doing too swell as an individual brand of the franchise. Old Navy has been doing a wonderful job of compensating for this short fall by headlining the jean market.

However, this old classic is still producing some noteworthy products, so let’s take a look at one of the more popular items on their list.

The mid-rise real straight jeans are by far the most popular. These were created by the Gap for Good line, which is designed to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry by limiting water use through its washing process.

So, getting this pair of jeans means you are also investing in environmental stability.

Customers loved them for how stretchy and comfortable they were without feeling too heavy.

These come in at 70$ dollars, not a bad price for how they are made and what they offer.

NYDJ Women's Marilyn Straight Denim Jeans, Manhattan Beach, 16
  • Lift tuck technology that lifts, slims, and tucks in front for an always flattering fit
  • With classic five-pocket styling and a zip fly with button closure
  • For best fit results please select one size smaller

This company is a more recent addition to the women’s fashion industry. Founded in 2003, NYDJ was designed as a company that would make jeans for women of all ages and sizes.

The original founding name of the company was “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans”. Since its success, however, they have grown as a nationally recognized brand that makes an amazing product.

All of their jeans are made with what they call Lift Tuck Technology, which is a slimming panel that flattens the front while contouring curves the back.

Customers said they fit like a glove and that the straight stretch jeans were incredibly comfortable. The Lift Tuck Technology also made them one of the more slimming jeans on the market.

They come in multiple colors, are high-rise, and are known to stretch with wear, so order one size lower than what you usually wear. These are great jeans but come in at around 110 dollars.

Zara has always been a sleek, trendy company that produces some of the hottest fashion items.

A Spanish company founded in 1975, this retailer has recently exploded in popularity, after having started out as a small dress-making factory in La Coruna, Spain.

From its humble beginnings, it has grown into a dominant force in the global fashion retailor market. So, it is no wonder they made the list for best straight leg jean producer.

The most popular style seemed to be the vintage straight jeans. They come in a flattering dark blue, with cuffs that are folded and cut off at the ankle.

Customers loved them for the casual comfort these jeans added to their wardrobe. They don’t obnoxiously hug your legs, something many individuals appreciate when buying straight jeans.

They sell for roughly 40 dollars, not a bad price from a major retailor that provides long-lasting products.


top straight leg jeans

A majority of mean’s jeans are straight leg. Like women’s jeans, men’s also flared wildly in the seventies with the blossoming bell bottom style. Since then, however, they have remained rather straight and safe.

Finding a pair of straight jeans is easy. The question is, which brands are the best and what should you be looking for?

This section is going to steer away from the common, lower pried straight leg jeans, and instead focus on the high-quality, long lasting pants you can wear for decades.

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Big and Tall Hampton Straight Fit...
  • 100% Cotton
  • Straight fit through seat and thighs; Slight tapered leg openings
  • Zip fly with shank closure; Belt loops

You can never go wrong with Ralph Lauren. Started by a young man in his late 20s, this company was founded in 1967. Ralph made his company specifically for men, made famous by his Polo line that launched in 1968.

So, his jeans are some of the more classic, comfortable products on the market.

The Hampton straight fit was loudly applauded by customers nationally. They loved the simple, classic look and breathable fit. They were not too constricting, making these pants you could both work and lounge in.

For high quality and wide versatility, they also come in at a wonderfully affordable price. For these classic jeans you only need 90 dollars, something customers absolutely loved.

PAIGE Men's Lennox True Skinny Fit in Ribgy, Rigby, 32
  • Skinny jean in slightly-cropped length featuring contrast stitching and classic five-pocket styling
  • Logo patch at back waistband
  • Features transcend fiber technology for soft feel, comfort, and support

Paige Transcend is a brand fewer people have heard of. Paige was founded in 2004 by a woman born in rural Alaska. She is admired in the fashion industry as a down-to-earth, real woman who makes jeans that fit and look good.

Now located in California, this company specializes in creating casual denim and outerwear for both men and women.

These jeans were sold out on the home website. The transcend-Lennox fit jeans were also given glowing reviews on by a plethora of customers online.

These jeans are made from lightweight denim that tapers gently to the ankle, offering a flattering fit. They are also loose enough to ensure that you are comfortable when wearing these jeans.

The grey, washed appearance makes them a perfect option for any casual setting, and even perhaps casual formal. This style is also a mid-rise style. They are available at any major retailor, be it Nordstrom or JCPenney.

You get what you pay for with these jeans, however. They come in at over 100 dollars, so make sure that you are going to wear these frequently.

Reviews ensured that they are worth the price and are durable enough to wear almost anywhere at any time.

J.Crew Mercantile Men's Slim Fit Jean, Walker wash, 34/30
  • Sits below waist, straight through hip, slim through thigh and leg
  • Slim fit
  • J. Crew Mercantile's versatile staples, perfected over decades

J-Crew has been in the fashion industry for a long time. Founded in 1983, it has grown into a major national outlet know for high-quality, worthwhile fashion items.

The Slim-Fit stretch jeans were a famous hit for men across multiple customer review platforms. They were voted number one for comfort, appeal and formality.

They look clean and professional, meaning you can wear these jeans for pure casual wear or formal casual. The stretch added an extra feel of comfort that really won customers over.

You can get them on the J. Crew site for an extra 20% off, which helps as these jeans come in at over 100 dollars without the additional coupon.

They also offer a coupon code on the home website, so you can get extra savings.

Premium Vintage Men's Core Slim Straight in Blackford - Size 33 x 35
  • Part of Citizens' Premium Vintage Collection
  • Slim Fit with a Straight Leg Cut
  • Rigid, Stonewashed Black Cotton Denim

The name in and of itself is enough to catch you off guard. Located and founded in Los Angeles, this company has defined its product by comfort and fit.

The factory is one of the very few denim factories that produce and sell locally within the Unite United States. They also strive to ensure that their production methods are as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

So, buying with this brand will leave you feeling physically and morally comfortable.

Customers reviewed that the material was incredibly soft. They were some of the easiest jeans to wear for a majority of those reviewing. They breathed, fit snuggly without constricting, and looked incredibly slimming.

Because Citizens of Humanity uses such unique production methods, however, these jeans are going to be a little more expensive. For locally produced jeans you are going to pay more.

These come in at around 200 dollars for a single pair. If you are not willing to shell out this money, there are a wide variety of options on the market. But, for locally produced products that don’t use factory labor in third world countries, this is not a bad price.


destroyed stretch jeans

Express is well known, like Zara, for its trendy, hot items. A recent company founded in 1980, this brand has grown to dominate not only the national, but international market.

If you are going for these pair of jeans, you are going for a more distressed look. Despite how they look, customers applauded these for the soft material and wonderful fit. They add a unique look to any outfit, so if you are a gentleman looking to fit into some of the latest trends, this is a great choice.

Most of express straight jeans are fantastic, though this style ranked number 1 for both look and comfort.

They are also more affordable than the other options on this list, only costing you roughly 90 dollars.


You can never go wrong with investing in a pair of jeans. They are always going to be the foundation of our global fashion industry.

When looking for a good pair of straight leg jeans, make sure you look for something that matches your style, be willing to pay a little more for something durable, and find a good company that takes pride in its product.

So, we hope, whether male or female, that this list helps narrow down the overwhelming market of straight leg jeans. There a lot of options out there, but only a few that truly hit the mark.

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